About Us

Lebanese manufacturer and supplier of detergents and personal care products for businesses and especially for hospitality ones, “S.A.N. household & cosmetics” with the slogan: “when quality meets sustainability” work on improving the quality of all their products and developing new ones according to the needs of the market starting from dishwashers, general cleaners… to degreasers, anti-bacterials, sanitizers and more specialized products.

We provide high quality detergents for Lebanon and the Middle East. Our target is to meet sustainability and quality at the same time.

We have been working in a sustainable way to improve many steps in the manufacturing process of our household and personal care products. Therefore, we highlight some of the impacts that arise during the cleaning product life cycle, and important ways of reducing them. When a product is being designed and developed, it is our job to find the optimum balance that ensures effectiveness as well as safety, and minimize the overall environmental impact when properly and diligently used.

Our Purpose